Ancient Lakes from Quincy Lakes Trailhead

An east-central Washington hike where trail conditions allow very early season visits (and the heat discourages anything later).

March and April are a good time to visit Ancient Lake. The vegetation is green, flowers are in bloom and the air is cool. Plus the waterfalls are running strong, making for good photos. In very early spring, water also spills over the cliffs overlooking the lake. By April, they are dry.

Falls feeding Ancient Lake

Two main trailheads access Ancient Lake. The upper trailhead approaches from Quincy Lakes to the east. You’ll pass H Lake, Judith Pool, two waterfalls, and some other potholes. The potholes and Ancient Lake are collectively are known as Ancient Lakes. It’s a short, pretty walk, with a little ascending on the way back.

Reeds above Judith Pool

The other trailhead approaches from the west and reaches Ancient Lake by an even shorter, flatter trail.

We encountered no rattlesnakes, but they are known to live here.

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