North Cascades: Tricouni, Junction, Park Creek Pass, Stehekin

Beautiful alpine scenery!! And easy hiking. The trail was well maintained within the Ross Lake National Recreation Area and as far as Tricouni Camp. All water crossings as far as Thunder Basin Camp were bridges or easy rock hops. Our first night’s camp was Tricouni Camp, a 2-site campground roughed out of the woods. OurContinue reading “North Cascades: Tricouni, Junction, Park Creek Pass, Stehekin”

Tips for social distancing and the outdoors

In 2020, getting some fresh air and exercise is a good way to keep yourself healthy—physically and mentally. But we all need to do so responsibly. If you choose to head outdoors, consider possible effects on vulnerable individuals as well as our healthcare system, taking steps to minimize risk. Make sure to continue practicing socialContinue reading “Tips for social distancing and the outdoors”