Sage Hills & Horse Lake Mountain

This lowland wildflower garden is a Mecca for those seeking early season dry hikes!

Enchantment Wilderness peaks view from the trail, with balsam and lupine

There are multiple trailheads in Wenatchee, Washington, to access this preserve, but the highest and largest parking area is the Horse Lake Trailhead on Horselake Road. Trail conditions are superb.

An old barn and farm equipment are fun to explore and photograph

The trails are a mix of easy paths and old roads. Both are popular with hikers and mountain bikes. The paths tend to meander through the flowers and sagebrush. If your goal is the top of Horse Lake Mountain (“Twin Peaks” locally) the roads are actually a little steeper and more direct.

Balsam, phlox, lupine, all common here

These trails are closed through the winter and open around April 1. By that time the flowers are starting to bloom and continue to be showy through at least mid May. The days turn very warm by June.

I ran into trails maven and guidebook author Craig Romano at a trail junction!

The trail was busy for a weekday but it’s a big trail system and there’s plenty of room for everybody. Everyone I met was friendly, including the bikers.

There is no source of potable water along the trails. I encountered no rattlesnakes, but they are known to reside here.

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